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Back to School – Staying organized

Published on August 4, 2015 by in Fashion
Agenda Notebook Organization

Agenda – Notebook

With the new school year around the corner and the new semester starting I decided to write a post about one of my favorite obsessions. Organizing! I believe that a huge part in succeeding and having maximum performance in school and college is keeping your homework and life organized. Here are some tips you can follow to achieve your goals easily this year.

Agenda is the most important thing in this whole process. I find it hard sometimes to keep up with my schedule and the things I have planned, procrastination is my biggest enemy. One thing that helps me stay focused on my schedule is customizing my agenda and personalizing it to be more appealing and more girly to me. I want to be inspired the moment I open my agenda so I can get in the mood of keeping up with the schedule. A few great and affordable ways to customize your agenda is by using washi tape, highlighters and colourful pens. Write down your homework and its due dates, the bills you need to pay, important events and your vacations.

Washi Tape

Washi Tape

Agenda - Washi Tape

Agenda – Washi Tape

Agenda - Highlighter - Washi tape

Agenda – Highlighter – Washi tape

If you think that school and homework is taking all of your time and is making your life dull, try keeping an inspirational book. Get a notebook and personalize it the way that you want and inside you can write every great idea that comes to your mind so you can look it back when you have a little bit more time. Also you can write all the inspirational quotes that motivate you so you can read them back when you lose your sparkle. That way you can find your goals and dreams more easily and it will make it harder to lose your path.

Inspitational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Inspitational Notebook - iPhone

Inspirational Notebook – iPhone

My phone is equipped with some great apps to keep some of the more important things in case i forget my agenda. Awesome Calendar Lite is an app that you can add notes, important events, tasks and anything important you need to remember. Pink Pad is a great app to keep track of your period and it reminds you every time it’s about to come. Last but not least Spending is a lifesaver if you want to keep track of your money and spendings. As a college student it helps me to keep track of what I spend and where I spend it through a very useful chart.

These are some basic things you can do to motivate you and get your life organized. Hope you found the useful.

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